How One Restaurant Makes Their Soda Taste better With A Straw

November 11, 2016

© Kirsty Pargeter | Dreamstime

For soft drink aficionados there has been one question that seems to have baffled them for years, who does soda from McDonald's restaurants taste better than from cans or other restaurants. Some have speculated that soda is more palatable because McDonald's put more syrup into the mixture, while others think that as McDonald’s food is so salty, it makes you thirsty, which makes the soda taste better. The company took to its website to set the record straight and their soda and it comes down to years of research to perfect their recipe. While the restaurant industry has turned to plastic-lined boxes of soda syrup to mix with room temperature soda water, McDonald's says they've kept the stainless Steel cylinders to deliver the syrup to their sodas.  Mixed with a water filtrations system and perhaps the key to the fizz.  Carbonated water kept just above freezing continuously moving around so that the bubbles don't sit and defuse. But perhaps the best kept secret is the worst kept one.  Next time you order a fountain drink from McDonald's, take a closer look at the straw.  Notice that McDonald's straws are much larger in diameter than straws from other restaurants.  It's no mistake.  That increased diameter is key to the soda hitting more taste buds on its way to your belly and therefore gives you a much more powerful tasting experience.


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