How Often Should You Clean Your Office Coffee Mug?

April 18, 2018


Somehow the rules for cleaning differ from your home and the office, especially when it comes to your coffee cup. While you run your dishwasher nightly at home, it’s likely been a few weeks (if not months) since your office coffee mug received more than a casual rinse. But is that setting you up for ick?  According to a recent report the dirtiest things in your kitchen is the sponge.  So you can imagine if your home sponge is filled with filth, the office sponge is at least 10 times worse.  In fact, washing it with a communal office kitchen sponge is likely worse for you than letting your mug sit at your desk. While germs and bacteria can multiply inside your liquid filled mug that is touched by your hands and lips, the good news is that these germs probably won’t make you ill. Most germs that have the potential to make you sick cannot survive for more than an hour on a stationary object. And while sharing mugs with your coworkers likely won't make you sick, you'd be better off keeping your mug to yourself during cold and flu season. So yes, the quick rinse of your mug in the office shouldn't harm you.  The exception would be if left over coffee has developed mold spores, in which time you need to give it a good wash!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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