How Much Your $100 Is Worth In Every State

August 16, 2017


Good news for us in Florida, out $100 bill actually is worth more than a $100 in goods and services. The Tax Foundation recently looked at the purchase power of $100 in each state.  Based on the cost of living, salaries, housing goods pricing and availability, $100 will buy you $100.50 of goods and services in the Sunshine State, making us 35th overall in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Want your $100 to go further?  Go to Mississippi, where $100 will buy you $116.01 worth of stuff, followed by Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota and Kentucky. While Hawaii is the priciest area, where your $100 will only get you $84.18 in services, followed by New York, California, New Jersey and Maryland.

SOURCE: The Tax Foundation

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