How Much Gas Is Left When The Low Fuel Light Comes On?

September 20, 2016


So you like to live life dangerously, like driving around with your low gas light gleaming a bright amber from your dashboard more often than not.  Alright crowd that drinks milk from the jug, here's the lowdown on your portentous ways, the low fuel light and gas gauge varies based on your car's make and model. Editors at the web site Mechanic dot com crunched some numbers on some of the more popular cars, trucks and SUV's and found there's quite a difference in distance you can drive with a warning light on.  For instance, the low fuel light on a Toyota RAV 4 generally means you have 2.4 gallons remaining and could travel an additional 57-74 miles, while a low gas light on a Kia Optima means you can drive 30 miles before you're out of gas. Generally for all Kia and Hyundai models tested, 30 miles is the standard, so don’t hesitate to fill up when it comes on!  A Chevrolet Malibu has 2 gallons and can go for 50-72 miles, Dodge Ram 1500 has 3 gallons and can travel 63-87 miles, a Honda Accord you can drive for 70-93 miles, Ford Explorer can drive 35-84 miles, Nissan Altima 81-114 miles and Chevrolet Silverado 25 miles.  It is important to point out that driving around with a low gas tank isn't good for your vehicle.  Mechanics say the modern fuel pump sit in the middle of your tank and relies on the liquid gas to keep it cool.  By running consistently low on fuel means that pump isn't cooled properly and runs the risk of overheating.  Prolong overheating means it will fail sooner and cost you a pretty penny at the repair shop. Experts recommend filling up when your tank is half full.


SOURCE: Mental Floss

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