How Much Do We Work In An 8 Hour Day

February 6, 2017

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The weekend hangover is a little harder this morning and putting out nose to the grindstone takes a bit more willpower than usual.  But let’s face it, do you really work an entire 8 hour day?  Estimates from the national Bureau of Economic Research estimates we engage in other activities other than work from 30 to 50 minutes a day and found the longer hours we work, the more time we goofed off. It is why some companies are exploring shorter work hours.  Sweden made international news two years ago with many companies and government jobs cutting the 8 hour work day to 6.  The results showed better job performance, reduced sick-leave and higher employee morale.  But it is likely a 6 hour work day will never arrive for most in America.  While productivity and morale was up, the costs of hiring additional staff to cover the shorter workday outweighed its benefits, according to some analysis.

SOURCE: Mental Floss & Bloomberg

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