How To Minimize Your Risk Of Bring Bed Bugs Home

September 29, 2017

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"Sleep Tight and Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite" is an old saying with modern relevance as the pesky insects numbers continue to surge worldwide.  Not only do they bite you when you sleep but are very hard to rid once a room is infected.  So scientist have been hard at work to try and figure out the best way to combat this foe. They have discovered bed bugs are attracted to our dirty clothes.  In a study, they found that bed bugs are twice as likely to settle inside tote bags with dirty clothes as those containing clean clothes. The scientists theorize that bed bugs are attracted to human scent, which can linger on dirty clothing for at days. So the suggestions are that you wash dirty clothes while on vacation and avoid placing dirty clothes in suitcases and bags with clean to prevent unwanted hitchhikers returning home with you.  Another recommendation is to keep your suitcase and bags off the floor and placing them atop the metal luggage racks commonly found in hotel rooms. If you cannot wash dirty clothes while traveling, seal them inside an airtight bag to keep the insects from getting a good whiff.  Once home, take your clothes immediately to a washer/dryer and run them through a hot cycle. The heat should be enough to kill invading bed bugs before they've move into your home.

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