How To Make Weekdays Feel Like Weekends

October 26, 2016


It would be a safe assumption there is a big attitude change between weekdays and weekends with the highs of Friday afternoons met with the lows of a Monday morning.  But you don't have to suffer the weekday blues.  Here are some tips to maker everyday feel like a weekend!  First, don't save all your fun stuff for the weekend.  Get together with friends, try a new restaurant, visit a museum or have breakfast with a friend on a weekday.  No need to save it all for the weekend.  But nothing signifies a weekend better than waking up without being rushed in the morning.  Emulate that feeling by going to bed a little earlier and therefore waking up earlier so you are not so rushed to get to work when the alarm goes off. Like the weekend, make sure you unplug from emails and errands sometime during the weekday to relieve stress and finally, and most odd, do some work on the weekend.  That doesn't mean to drag yourself to the office over the weekend but some light office work that can be accomplished with a relaxed mind that will also get it off your plate for Monday can be a great way to become relaxed every day of the week!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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