How To Make Sure Your Cooked Dinner SI All Ready At The Same Time

May 1, 2017


When you prepare big meals, such as those around the holidays, or when you are hosting a summer dinner party, the goal is to have everything ready to eat and piping hot and fresh.  However that seems nearly impossible, until now! Here are three simple steps to make sure your dinner's rock!  #1-Keep Things Simple.  Yes, you can make your own salad dressing, but looking through the fridge to find mustard, vinegar, and half a shallot you saw somewhere in there earlier this week can add time and distract you from the rest of the meal prep. Use recipes that you know and you are comfortable preparing.  That leads to the number 2 item, Make A Timeline.  Decide on when dinner is going to be served, and work backwards from there. Write down everything you’re making, with recipe times and cooking temperatures beside each item. Based on its cooking time, set up your game plan on when to start preparing and cooking what. Finally #3-stick to the plan.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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