How Long Can You Use Consume Milk After Its Date?

February 26, 2018

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In a world of confusing "sell by", "use by" and "best before" dates printed the products we use, it appears in the world of milk, they're pointless to the consumer!  True, that "expiration" date we sometime call it, doesn't mean milk cannot be used.  Milk producers apply these dates to give consumers an idea of when their milk will taste best, or when a store should stop selling the milk because it might not reach consumers in optimal freshness. Experts say the milk in the carton, though, is safe even after the stamped date has passed. The only exception is infant formula, which has a hard "use by" date required by law. A recent study took a look at how we use the dates. The researchers gathered 88 participants who were presented with half-gallon jugs of milk that were 15, 25, 30, and 40 days past the date of bottling. Some of the jugs contained sell-by dates while others did not. They found that 64 percent of the consumers would throw away milk that was dated, while only 45.8 would throw away the same milk without a date on it. A little known guide is the milk industry itself, which regularly says milk is fine for up to a week past those dates.  This is one reason the FDA is looking to re-vamp expiration dates so cause less consumer confusion. But the safest test may be just to stick your nose into it.  If the milk smells sour, it is. But know that even spoiled milk isn’t likely to make you sick.

SOURCE: The Takeout

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