How To Keep Your Phone's Maps From "Re-Routing" You While On The Road

July 6, 2018

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Hitting the open road is as American as apple pie and with the ease and convenience of digital maps that offer real time traffic information, our apps are constantly changing the route to save of travel time.  While that may sounds like a good idea, in many cases the time savings are negated by seemingly pointless changes.  Re-routes that send you speeding down the off-ramp and right up the next on-ramp, back onto the highway. So if you'd rather stick to the plan and not be bothered with last minutes "re-routes" you can turn them off, sorta. Neither Google Maps nor Apple Maps come with a “don’t reroute me” button but there are a couple of work arounds you can use.  The easiest is to turn your phone's airplane mode on, which will prevent data being transmitted but keep your maps fresh as the phone's GPS still works.  However you’ll miss out on text messages and phone calls. The other route, which will allow you to receive incoming calls and texts, involves you to pull off to a rest area and make some setting changes.  For Apple (iOS), go to Settings > Maps (or scrolling down more to find the name of the mapping app you use) and turn off Cellular Data. That will prevent the app from receiving traffic updates and rerouting you. For Android it's a bit trickier, so download the NetGuard app which allows you to block all cellular access for specific apps. Once downloaded, open Google Maps and turn on “Wi-Fi Only” mode within the app itself, which should prevent traffic rerouting. Happy travels!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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