How To Keep Your Phone Battery From Exploding

September 16, 2016

Samsung has officially recalled it's just released Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries.  It's easy to assume your phone's battery is safe but any battery can explode especially if you tend to leave your phone in a hot environment.  That's the word from chemical experts who warn that overheated batteries, and any battery, can damage them and could make them explode. The American Chemical Society says that when a lithium ion battery, the ones inside your phone, heat up, it causes breakdown of the battery, which can lead to cycle of reactions that lead to it generating more and more heat, resulting in it exploding and possibly catching fire.  Experts remind you to keep your phone from heat sources including keeping it in the shade away from direct sun light.  As for charging your phone, it is not recommended to let a Lithium ion battery drain completely. Unlike the batteries of past, they don’t develop a memory and draining them completely shortens their lifespan. So charge your phone regularly, even if it doesn’t need it to extend battery life. In fact, if you are close to exhausting the battery, it is better to shut it down rather with some power in reserve.  The scientists also advise not leaving your device turned off for long periods unless it is 50% charged.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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