How To Keep Fresh Fish In the Fridge

April 20, 2017

© Rusu Eugen Catalin | Dreamstime

Fresh fish is known for its health properties with lower amounts of bad fats and higher amounts of good fats make it a go-to food. While experts say it's best to eat it on the day you buy it for the best taste, the reality of life means you may not get to cooking it until a day or two later.  But as you may already know, the longer uncooked fish remains in the fridge, the more likely it will spoil and being that fresh fish can be pricey, you are wasting money.  The reason is that fish need to be stored a freezing temperatures, however you can't cook with a frozen fish.  Our refrigerator keeps the fish cold but at around 36 to 38 degrees and although it still is safe to eat, the quality of your expensive fish will suffer because that's is too warm. So here is a nifty trick you can use if you can't cook fresh fish immediately.  First, put the fish filet in a plastic freezer bag and lay it flat (don't put more than one filet in a bag) and place it on a plate. Then take ice from your freezer and place it on top and bottom of the bagged fish filet and place it in the back of your fridge. Laying your fish between ice will lower the temperature to about 32 degrees without fully freezing it, which will keep it from degrading in quality for up to three days.

SOURCE: Serious Eats

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