How To Heat Up A Cold Office

January 16, 2018

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Now that the cold weather is back there is a good chance your office is also cold! So if you work in a drafty office or have a stingy boss here's some advice on how to get the heat cranked up!  First, recruit like-minded cold comrades who also feel the office is scold and then as one group present your issue to the boss.  Safety in numbers as it is harder to dismiss a group. Bundle up.  Wear layers of clothing instead of thick clothes and plug in a small space heater.  You can attempt to trick the thermostat too!  Place ice inside a plastic sandwich bag and place it on top or the thermostat.  The cold air from the ice should trick the heat to come on. If all else fails, quite OSHA regulations!  While air conditioning is not required by Federal law, heat it and offices are required to be anywhere between 68 and 76°F.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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