How To Handle Recurring Dreams

September 1, 2017

© Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

Most of the time you forget your dreams but the recurring ones are unforgettable. Wither it involves an ex or a strange situation that you'd never want to be in (or both), two-thirds of people experience them.  But why do you have the same dream over and over again? In short, it's the mind's way to handling stress. The themes or people showing up again and again isn't a literal meaning. It is usually something in your head that is somehow unresolved, so your mind just keeps repeating over and over again. The trick is to get your mind to solve or fix the situation so you can move on. Reducing stress can help but let's be honest, that ain't gonna happen.  So instead, solve the problem. When you wake up from a dream that feels strange or disturbing, put your head back down, and finish it off in an unexpected and positive way. Choose a new ending, and try to imagine things when you're heading to sleep at night that are immensely pleasurable to you.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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