How To Gracefully Bail Out On Committed Plans

January 2, 2018

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: Parties, coffee, get-togethers, a girls night out!  Our social calendars can be super full at times.  Although it is nice to be so popular there are times you commit to an event and later regret doing so.  But rather than hurt your friend's feelings or endanger a job promotion, you can take the advice of an etiquette expert who says there is a two-stage let down to bow out of an event gracefully.  Most times you want to bail out on an event when it is close to beginning or the time you are to arrive, which is suspicious.  So the first stage of your bail out is to alert your host hours ahead of time and alerting them to your "condition".  Saying "I'm not feeling well" and then 60-90 minutes later launching the second stage confirming your "illness" and regrets on cancelling.  Etiquette experts say it works best with as much lead time as possible. Socially acceptable time windows to cancel plans are at least an hour if it's coffee, one to two hours for after-work drinks, six to 8 hours for dinner and several weeks for a party. Bailing less than an hour before any commitment , especially if the friend is already on their way to the venue, is the number one thing to be avoided.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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