How To Get Your Scent To Last Longer Without Overdoing It

October 24, 2017

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OohhhLaLa!  That perfume and cologne can be a pleasant scent you and those around you enjoy.  However too much of it can be overwhelming.  So how can your scent make it through the day without having to be reapplied?  Here is some guidance from the grooming blog, Fragrant Moments.  There are three types of scents, eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum.  Each category has a different amount of scent concentration and essential oils. Eau de cologne has the least concentration with about 2%-4% essential oils, which means it will have the shortest duration. Eau de toilette has 4%-8% essential oils and eau de parfum has between 8%-15%.  That means you can use a lot less eau de parfum and it will last a longer time on your body. The location of each spray also makes a difference in how strong the scent is. Avoid spraying all over your body and concentrate on one area, such as your chest and neck. Areas around your arteries are good too as the heat from your blood will act as a diffuser.  However stick to a couple sprays or dabs per application as to not overpower a room with your scent.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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