How To Get Those Bad Memories From Appearing On Facebook On This Day Feature

How To Keep Bad Memories From Facebook's On This Day Feature

November 18, 2016

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It's nice to see a photo memory pop up on Facebook's "On This Day" feature when you open it for the first time of the day. However there are some photo memories you'd not like to be reminded of, such as the ones of your ex or a friend you no longer hand around.  But how can you still enjoy the good memory posts and avoid the bad ones? It's all in the settings.  You first open Facebook in a web browser, do not use the app.  When you are on your news feed page, look to the left side of your feed. Scroll down until you see the "Apps" section. Click "On This day" When you get to the page, check the upper left for the "Preferences" icon and click on it. You can click on people to add people on the list so that their pictures and the ones they are tagged in will not appear in your memories.  The same ca be set for a date too (like your ex's anniversary, etc.) Click save and voila!  Here is a step by step guide:


1-Open Facebook in a web browser (not in the app) and view your news feed

2-On the left side of your news feed, look for "Apps" and click "On This Day"

3-Look for "Preferences" in the upper right portion of the "On This Day" page

4-Add names of those who wish to be blocked or select dates to avoid


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