How To Get The Most Charge For Your Phone In 5 Minutes

August 23, 2017

© Scanrail | Dreamstime

No doubt you've experienced the panic of a low battery reading on your phone only to give it a few extra percentage points by plugging it in for a few minutes.  However there is a way to supercharge your phone is just five minutes, as long as you follow these steps.  Many already know that putting your phone in "airplane mode" will help it charge faster, as your phone will not be seeking out cell and Wi-Fi signals. But you may not know that heat kills your battery, so in addition to placing it in “airplane mode”, remove the phone cover to help your phone stay cool during charging.  Finally, use an iPad adapter, which has demonstrated a faster rate of charging than the adapter that comes with your iPhone. Do that and you’ll likely double your battery boost, from about 3% to 6%, which isn't bad for five minutes!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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