How Game of Thrones Actors Learn Their Character Will Be Killed Off

July 25, 2017

© Mihai - Emil Suciu | Dreamstime

SPOILER ALERT!  If you are not caught up to date with Game of Thrones you should stop reading this post.  SERIOUSLY, we're about to explore how actors of the hit series learn that time is up. It appears that the actors and actresses of Game of Thrones are just as surprised to learn of their character being killed off as we are!  But how do cast members know their time is up?  According to Jessica Henwick, who plays Nymeria Sand, it's a phone call from both executive producers at the same time. Jessica said she knew her character was going to die before the words were even spoken to her as she says the series producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, known as the double Ds, made a call to her.  She said, "As soon as you hear that more than one of them is on the call you know what that means." Sure enough, she learned her character, Nymeria and her older sister Obara were going to be killed in the 7th season's second episode.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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