How Fresh Is The Produce In Your Store?

May 1, 2017


The fruits and vegetable in your grocery store are billed as fresh, but being fresh is a loose term.  Most produce must travel hundreds of miles from the field to the shelves, so to keep them from spoiling, packing and shipping companies rely on "controlled atmosphere storage" where levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as well as temperature and humidity are regulated.  This works on apples fairly well.  While apples in the store might be crisp and juicy, there's a strong chance they've been sitting in a warehouse for nearly a year, using that controlled atmosphere storage process some farmers describe as "putting the apples to sleep." Bananas on the other hand are shipped on refrigerated vessels within 36 hours of being picked, which stops the ripening process. Once they've reached their destination, they're are placed in sealed, heated rooms to make them ripen once again. These techniques are safe and still deliver healthy food to your grocery store, however some of the vitamins may be lost in the process and the taste can be affected too.

SOURCE: Mashable

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