How Forcing A Bathroom Break Can Bring Havoc To Your Bladder

April 26, 2017

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It's a phrase no doubly you've either heard or said right before a long road trip, do you have to go to the bathroom?  Usually the response to you saying no is, "Sure you don't want to try?"  Come to find out, those words can wreck your bladder.  Here’s why.  According to an urologist at The Prostate Centre in London, your bladder is a muscular organ that contracts as it fills. When the bladder get about half-way filled up, it signals nerves to alert your brain that you need to go potty.  Problem is these nerve receptors learn when to alert your brain, so over use of bladder relief programs those nerves to alert you brain too early.  So how do you break the overactive bladder cycle?  Well first, consult your doctor to see if these symptoms aren't masking something more serious.  Considering healthcare professionals say based on normal operation of your kidney, you should empty your bladder anywhere from four to ten times in a 24 hour cycle.  You can try to re-train those nerves by "holding on" for a bit longer before heading to the restroom.  The average bladder should be able to hold about 12 ounces of liquid before needing to rid it. However prevention is the best key.  Listen to your body and only take a bathroom break when you feel the urge to go rather than forcing yourself because of a trip, meeting or movie.  You can also make changes in the kitchen.  A recent study found that adults who cut their daily salt intake by 25% halved their nightly visits to the toilet. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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