How To Find Out If Your House is Haunted

April 13, 2017

© Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu | Dreamstime

Heard a noise last night?  You went to bed with the kitchen cabinet doors closed and now they're open this morning?  Perhaps your house is haunted.  It's pretty hard to find out if your house or the one you are interested in buying is haunted, had someone die or even murdered in it.  Although Florida requires home sellers to disclose any known facts about the property that may cause its value to decrease, there is no law that requires sellers to notify potential buyers of a death in the property.  But you can still find out if someone died in your house thanks to  For $11.99, the site will let you know, through scouring public records, if someone's life ended in your property.  They'll even let you know if the property has even caught on fire or been used as a meth lab. Founder Roy Condrey says he started the service when the tenant of a rental property he owns told him she thought the place was haunted. He searched the Internet for a website that might reveal if there had been a death in the house.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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