How To Fake Loving A Gift

December 19, 2017

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With Hanukkah wrapping up tomorrow and Christmas less than a week away, there's a decent chance that you'll receive a gift that you don't want.  In fact, it's hideous!  But remember it's the thought that matters and to prevent hurt feelings here are six tips to hide your disappointment from a body language experts and an acting coach.  #1-Find one true and positive thing to say.  While your inner voice is saying "no", there is something positive you can find about the gift to voice your appreciation.  For instance, you get an ugly sweater with a hideous shape and a terrible image, but you think the color blue is not so bad. You can say, ‘this color blue is so beautiful,' because it's truthful. #2-WAtch your hand gestures. Your hands can be a telltale giveaway that you don't really like a gift as people experiencing unhappy emotions generally tend to ball their hands into fists, tuck them against their bodies, or put them in their pockets. Similarly, we can reveal falsehood by touching our face or head, scratch near your eye, right in front of your ear, or rub your forehead, all of which often signals lying, anxiety, or discomfort. So put a hand on your chest or bring the gift closer to your body as a way of showing that you can stand to have it near you. #3-Avoid the fake smile. A fake smile is obvious to the onlooker. These usually start at the corners of the mouth—often showing both top and bottom teeth while a genuine smile almost always just shows your top teeth, and begins more from the mid-mouth. #4-Smile with your eyes. If you smile with your mouth first, you're absolutely going to mess up so make eye contact (remember not to linger, squint or roll) and make a kind of little zig-zagging motion that people have when they look around a face. #5-Skip the clichés. Avoid words like “awesome", "terrific" or any word in a disappointing or condescending tone.  Think of a happy experience with an honest emotional content and use that feeling as a guide. #6-do this all at one time.  So you might want to practice a few times just in case there is a giant cheeseball waiting for you under the tree!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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