How Dryer Sheets In Your Bath Tub Can Save You Time In The Kitchen

May 23, 2018

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Dryer sheet are more than a fresh way to keep your clothes static free wen in the dryer, they have a multitude of uses and includes using them in your bath tub.  One of the least liked chores in the ketch is cleaning the stove and oven.  Cooked on foods prove to be a challenge to remove and that's why your new best friend will be a dryer sheet and your bathtub. Gather your dirty oven racks, stove burners, wire shelving and grill racks.  Place them in your tub with enough warm water to cover them (hint: if you have exceptionally dirty items, lay a shower curtain liner down first so you don't end up cleaning up two messes. Take the liner outdoors to hose off after). Then add up to 10 new or used dryer sheets and a good squeeze of dish detergent. Give it a good mix and allow them to in the bath tub for a couple of hours.  The anti-static agents in dryer sheets with the grease absorbing properties of the dish soap will weaken the bond cook-in foods have on metal racks and burners. The grime should come off fairly easily, but you may need to use a scouring sponge to grab thicker, baked-on grime.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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