How Daylight Saving Time Made The Second Delivered Twin The Eldest

November 11, 2016

© Pojoslaw | Dreamstime

The dreaded Daylight Saving Time switch has kids standing at bus stops in the dark, you racing to get home from work before it gets dark and on odd age snafu for twins born early Sunday morning. Emily and Seth Peterson were the expecting parents of twin boys.  Last Saturday, Emily was rushed into the delivery room as her sons Samuel and Ronan was ready to come into the world.  Samuel was the first to be delivered at 1:39am Sunday, beating out his brother and claiming the spot as eldest son.  However 31 minutes later, Ronan was delivered at 2:10am.  However because clocks moved back one hour at 2am, Ronan was technically born at 1:10am, making him the eldest brother by 29 minutes! Father Seth wasn't too surprised as he said earlier in the night that they were either going to be born on two different days or the time change was going to come into play.  But Nurse Deb Totten said she had never seen anything like this in her 40 year career!


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