This Is How To Create The Perfect Pop When Opening A Champagne Bottle

November 27, 2017

We here at 98.5 KTK look for ways to improve your life, such as impressing your friends with the perfect champagne bottle pop.  Nothing delights partygoers quite lie the sounds of a bottle of bubbly being uncorked.  So a university mathematician has crunched the numbers to so that the "pop" resonates in the 8,000Hz and 12,000Hz sound spectrum, which is the optimal range to fire off your body’s endorphins.  Here is how to do it.  First, chill the bottle of champagne in an ice bucket (not the refrigerator) for 40 minutes until it reaches an optimum temperate of 44.06 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, using slight hand pressure proceeds to uncork the bottle. Viola!  The "pop" should turn heads near and far.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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