How To Carry A Child's Car Seat Without Back And Neck Pain

July 6, 2017

© Dmitry Bomshtein | Dreamstime

The struggle is real!  Carrying your infant in a car seat from the car into the store, daycare or house usually results in neck, wrist and back pain.  That's because looping your arm through the handle and having it rest in the crook of your elbow is totally wrong.  The addition of 20 pounds dangling from your arm is not a natural position says a chiropractor, who recently shared a video on a better way that saves your back, neck and wrist from pain.  You still loop your arm through the handle, but instead of letting it dangle in the crook of your wrist, flip your forearm so that you see the back of your hand.  Then grab the hinge on the side of the car seat with your palm.  This holding actually distributes the additional weight evenly off your upper back, shoulder and hip saving you from the agony and pain. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

SOURCE: Offspring

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