How To Budget For Christmas With Just A Few Paychecks Left

September 29, 2017

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Not to put any more stress in your world but as of today (September 29, 2017), there are 87 days until Christmas. That's just 6 or so paychecks away from the big holiday.  While shopping through the year can help you stay on budget, most gifts and presents will be purchased over the next few weeks.  So with just a few paychecks left, here is some tips you can use from financial experts.  If you haven't already make your list and checked it twice, then create a spreadsheet of gifts you need and an approximate price for each person on your list.   Now let's get technical.  There is an app called Shoptagr, which is going to be your best friend.  You fill Shoptagr with the gifts and presents you decide to purchase and it will track when they go on sale, when they are back in stock, check for coupons and even advise you of the best time to get items at the best time on over 1,100 stores! Shoptagr works on a desktop/laptop computer or mobile apps for Apple and Google that are free! As for your budget, try the 50-20-30 rule: 50% of your paycheck going forward is for essentials, 20% is for saving, and 30% goes on yourself.  Considering you'll have online eyes helping you, you should have plenty of time and money to make this the best Christmas ever!

SOURCE: Career Girl Daily

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