How A Blood Donation 9 Years Ago Saved A Man's Current Girlfriend

January 19, 2017

© roibul | Dreamstime

More proof that you never know whose life you'll change.  For Lin Xiaofen of Taiwan, that person changed her life twice.  Nine years ago she unexpectedly passed out and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with a bleeding disorder and her condition was critical.  She needed a blood transfusion of platelets to stop her bleeding.  It took 10 units of blood but it worked and her life was saved.  Today Lin shares her life with her boyfriend, Lian, who donates blood on a regular basis.  One afternoon the couple were talking about Lin's near death experience and the blood transfusion that saved her life. Lain joked that it could've been his blood that saved her life, which was inspiration enough to find out who the blood donor was back in 2008.  After contacting the local blood bank and reviewing past records, they discovered it was indeed her current boyfriend whose blood saved her life. Both were stunned to find out of their connection nine years ago. The couple is using their experience to encourage others to donate blood saying, you might have a chance to save your future husband or wife!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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