How To Battle Bad Breath

October 17, 2017


Checking to see if you have bad breath?  Usually it involved breathing out into your cupped hands to re-direct the breath to your nose.  However that method doesn't work.  Bad breath is created from bacteria in your stomach and mouth where the by-product from this bacteria is sulfur.  So that stink comes from the back of your mouth and you blowing out doesn't push out air from the back of your mouth. Perhaps a swig of mouthwash will prevent bad breath (or halitosis).  Perhaps but the alcohol in most mouthwashes can dry out your mouth and worsen your breath.  Doctors say a better way to self-diagnosis halitosis such as smelling a spoon you've used to scrape across your tongue or smell unwaxed dental floss that you've worked through your back teeth.  Another way to self-check your breath is to move a clean finger along the rear of your tongue, then wipe the saliva onto the back of your hand. Let it dry for a few seconds, and sniff. If there's odor there, there's odor in your breath. The common denominator is your tongue, so consider adding a tongue scraper with your toothbrush and mouthwash. There are some foods that attack bad breath before it even starts. Green tea is one, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. Cinnamon can also hinder halitosis and firm, crisp fruits and vegetables like celery and apples can increase saliva flow and help scrape away bacteria.

SOURCE: Newser

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