How To Avoid Wines That Are "Too Oaky" In Flavor

May 25, 2018

No doubt the popularity of wine has grown over the past few years and not all taste palates are the same.  Generally the biggest turn off a person has is that the wine "tastes too oaky." It is a conundrum, considering most wines are aged in oak barrels, how can you not avoid an oak flavor?  There is a particular reason why some wines are overpowered with oak flavor and your wallet isn't going to like it.  That overly oaky flavor is due to the wine being rushed. It takes a lot of time to balance out the flavor of oak and that time means the price of a bottle increases greatly.  So for Friday night wine downs or for the tight times between paychecks, experts say you should avoid oak entirely when going really inexpensive.  If the description of the wine include vanilla, spice, coffee, chocolate, toast, roasted, and smoky, you should place it back on the shelf.  If you are comfy in the $12 to $25 range, look for wines that mention subtle, neutral, or used oak. This will give you just a whiff of that expensive oak aroma and flavor without it overwhelming a wine. For special occasions, splurge on a high end bottle that has been aged properly and balanced. Seek the advice of a sommelier or wine steward who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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