How To Avoid Unwanted Encounters With Snakes Around Your Home And Garden

July 7, 2017

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Snakes play a vital role in nature.  Although most are harmless to people and help control the rodent, reptile and insect populations, they're sometime can startle you, especially when gardening or working in the yard. A simple and humane trick you can use to make sure there are no snake encounters is to create some vibration to scare them away. Start the lawnmower or any other vibrating tool in the area you wish to work and let it idle for a few minutes.  Avoid moving it around as you may accidently hurt the reptile.  Other non-lethal ways to prevent unwanted encounters is to keep your yard and garden free of dense foliage and tall plants.  Snakes seek cover to hide and hunt. A lot of open space around your home will discourage snakes from approaching. If you have shrubs or dense thickets of vegetation close to the foundation of your home, consider either thinning these plants or transplanting them to the edge of your yard. Finally, if you have a rather large snake problem, it's probably because you've got a large rodent problem.  Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, snakes hang out because there is food. If you notice snakes in or near your house, try to identify what kind of snake it is. That way, you can find out what it feeds on. If the snake eats mice, then you know you have a mouse problem. If it eats large insects such as grasshoppers or cockroaches, then you know you have an insect population.

SOURCE: Home and Gardening Ideas

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