Household Expiration Dates You Don't Know About

February 2, 2017

Some things are n-brainers when it comes to getting rid of, such as expired milk.  But what about your pillow, power strips and spices?  Yes, nearly every item you possess has an expiration date.  While finding them on food is easy, finding them on household items is tricky.  For instance, replace your pillows every two years.  As you sleep, your pillow begins to pick up dead skin cells and that's a delicious snack for dust mites; not to mention the fluffiness or firmness begins to wear out over two years.  Although you wash your towels on a regular basis, they do need to be replaced one to three years.  Although washing them keep bacteria at bay, over time, they wear out and more susceptible to breeding germs. Hydrogen Peroxide over two month old should be replaced as opened bottles begin to turn back into water within two months. Pacifiers should be swapped out within 5 weeks regardless of their appearance to keep germs away.  Running shoes should be tossed out after a year or when you've races 300 miles as the cushioning starts to deteriorate. Spices in the kitchen should be used within 6 months as they begin to lose their taste and smell. Finally, power strips should be replaced every two years as their effectiveness begins to deteriorate.

SOURCE: Brightside

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