House On U.S./Canadian Border For Sale

June 13, 2017

© Alexandershaw | Dreamstime

Want to take an international trip without stepping outside?  You may want to talk to the DuMoulins about purchasing their 7,000 square foot home that sits on the international board between the United States and Canada. The home has been in the DuMoulins family for decades, which was built by a merchant in 1782 as a convenient way to sell goods to farmers in the towns of Beebe Plain, Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec.  The fixer-upper needs some work, remodeling from its 1950s decor but does come with armed 24-hour security from the U.S. and Canada border services, which both have outposts facing the house.  Because of the house's unique circumstances, both countries allow residents and guests to move across the border as long as they stay inside the home and within the front and back yards.  But stray any further, you risk a run in with the law.  In fact, a hidden gate in the backyard had to be wired shut per the U.S. Border Patrol request. The home, split into 5 apartments is on the market for $109,000, or $144,700 Canadian Dollars, does need some work of around $600,000.

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

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