An Hour Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30 Minute Walk

March 13, 2018

© Jyn Meyer | Dreamstime

This might be the best exercise workout you've ever heard! Researchers claim lying in a hot bath and relaxing may be as beneficial for your health as a 30-minute walk. The study called for a group of men to ride a bicycle for 60 minutes and then taking bath for the same time.  What they found was music to your ears, soaking in a hot bath for an hour burned 130 calories.  IT's isn't as much as riding a bicycle but it is the equivalent of walking for 30 minutes! One better is the peak blood sugar was about 10% lower when the bath was taken as opposed to the bike ride. The study suggest 'passive heating' can help reduce inflammation and may help ward off cardiovascular diseases. Although the study was performed on men and on only a few participants, there is still more to review.  However passive heating may be a great way to, at least, mentally unwind after a workout!

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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