Hot New Trend Of Marriage Proposals Using An Avocado

February 23, 2018

© Tomboy2290 | Dreamstime

Not just for guacamole anymore, the beloved avocado is quickly becoming the multitasker of the fruit world. A hot new trend is to use avocados as makeshift box that holds an engagement ring.  As most trends this one started as an Instagram post as a photo of a sliced open avocado with an engagement ring in the place of the pit looked cute. Then others began to share their wedding proposals with rings sparking inside the green fruit.  However you may want to take some advice and do the proposal quickly.  Although the original picture shows a perfect green tone, once air hits eh meat of the avocado it quickly begins to turn brown.  But if your future fiancé loves avocados, this may be a memorable way to pop the question.

Every hippie girl’s dream proposal. #avocadotoast #avocadoproposal

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