A Hot Glue Gun Made For Cheese

December 2, 2016

© Denkyw | Dreamstime

A staple of the arts and crafts world meets America's favorite gooey hamburger topping.  Make way for the world's first hot glue gun filled with cheese.  The Fondoodler is not a joke and it's a game-changer in the world a decorated food.  Simply load the Fondoodler with your favorite meltable cheese, like American, Provolone and Mozzarella (shredded works best) and plug the Fondoodler in to warm up the cheese.  Then grab the trigger and viola, gooey cheese emerges from the tip, where you can use it to create all sorts of cheese projects.  A gingerbread house made of club crackers and melted Gruyere, write "Merry Christmas" a top your baked mac and cheese or even create artistic nachos, create tortilla bowls and more!  When you are finished creating, simply push a brush through the Fondoodler to get out any remaining cheese and you're ready for the next hot cheese project. The Fondoodler sells for $25 at Fondoodler.com.

Let them eat cheese #fondoodler #cheesecreation

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SOURCE: Fondoodler

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