Hospital Explains Charge For Father To Hold Newborn Infant

October 6, 2016

© Dmitriy Melnikov | Dreamstime

You may have heard about the father who was charged $39.35 to hold his newborn baby.  Ryan Grassley posted the picture online Tuesday after receiving the bill from the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo. The photo of the bill shows a charge for "Skin to Skin after C-Sect" for $39.35 as a result of holding the baby on his wife’s neck/chest and posing for a few pictures.  He thought the bill was "funny and a bit ridiculous" and caused an uproar who believe the charge was unjust.  Now the hospital is explaining the charge to clear the air.  They say that the hospital generally advocates for skin-to-skin contact directly after birth.  In the case of his wife having a C-section, where a caregiver is devoted to his wife, an additional nurse is brought into the operating room to allow the infant to remain in the suite with the mother.  In short, the $39.35 charge was for an additional nurse to ensure all parties are safe.

I had to pay $39.35 to hold my baby after he was born.


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