Home-Sharing App Caters To Women Traveling Alone

August 21, 2017

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Finding a place to stay the night is a piece of cake, with hotels, resorts and now Airbnb. But it can also be a very stressful and uncomfortable experience, especially for women traveling alone.  Unfortunately, female travelers can sometimes find themselves in not-so-safe situations when it comes to renting a room for the week or night. This concern promoted the creation of the Girls LOVES Travel Facebook group that gave a platform for women to share experiences and make recommendations on loading where they felt safe and comfortable.  The group has launched a web site and app called, "Overnight," that caters to female travelers. With many hosts being owned and run by women, many female travelers can book a stay knowing they won't have a creepy neighbor across the street making them feel uncomfortable.  The service has grown to cover hundreds of cities in the United States and now 110 countries.  It also links up with Airbnb for certification to make booking your next stay a comfortable one with peace of mind and safety.

SOURCE: Refinery29

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