Home For Sale Sign Warns "Neighbor Is An A**..."

January 31, 2018


There's always a chance you may be in for quite a surprise after buying a home.  But at least one homeowner is being upfront and honest as to why he and his family want to sell their house.  The "For Sale" sign bluntly proclaims the house is for sale because the neighbor is an a**hole. Kane Blake said he and his family love most of the aspects of the Kelowna, BC, Canada neighborhood they have called home for the past five years, but they decided to move due to seemingly non-stop harassment from a neighbor. The homeowners says their neighbor has been sending police to his home for frivolous and unpredictable reasons on a regular basis for years. Even the couple's kids won't walk to school because they're terrified. Kane says he's tried talking to officials, but they offered no help. But even on ominous sign hasn't kept people from inquiring about purchasing the property.  Considering the home is in a very nice neighborhood, the family feels a new family may have better luck with the troubling neighbor.


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