"Holy Grail" Discovered in Treatment for Breast Cancer

June 21, 2016

A groundbreaking study could bring hope to thousands of women who are susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer.  Australian scientists analyzing breast tissue prone to cancer found that a protein that fuels pre-cancerous cells also causes osteoporisis—and can hinder the development of breast cancer by the common osteoporosis drug, Denosumab. The study focused on a gene mutation that roughly affects 1 in 400 women, that when the drug was applied to the tissue, pre-cancerous cells stopped dividing resulting in no tumors.  The experiments involved mice and is quickly working to clinical trials on women.  The treatment may mean the end of double mastectomies and hysterectomy as treatment.  A worldwide human trial should be starting within two years.


Read the report findings from Science Daily.

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