Holiday Scam Uses Undeliverable Package Email

December 12, 2016

© Svanhorn4245 | Dreamstime

It is no surprise that scams to get your personal information pick up during the holiday as thieves hope the sheer amount of shopping makes it easier for us to fall for scams.  Beware of a growing scam that involves an email from the U.S. Post Office, Fedex or UPS claiming that they’ve missed a delivery of a package and will need to enter certain personal details or payment information to get that package redelivered, or click a link to another site for more information.  That link you click loads malware that steals your personal information.  Although scams are getting more realistic, you can usually spot out the fakes.  Be wary of any communication that urges immediate attention, calls you for you click a link for more information or that requires you to "re-confirm" your data.  At the very least, if you have concerns of an undeliverable package, visit the delivery company's web site or mobile app to see if it indeed real.

SOURCE: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

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