Hobby Horse Competitions Are A Thing In Finland

May 1, 2017

© Andrii Adamskyi | Dreamstime

Here's an equestrian event you won't see at the Olympics, at least for now.  Hobby Horsing and it's not only growing in popularity, it has turned into a bonding event for girls across Finland.  There are local, regional and national competitions for girls who mix gymnastics with a puffy stuffed horse head on a wooden stick. About 10,000 people, nearly all between ages 10 and 18, are involved in hobby-horsing in Finland, which incorporates traditional equestrian events like dressage and show jumping.  Besides the physical exercise of running around a course, the hobby-horse craze has help many cope with bullying, parents’ divorces and other emotional trauma. About 200 hobby-horsers competed in this year’s national championship with around 1,000 spectators.

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