Hmmm, Guess The Appendix Isn't As Useless As We Once Thought!

January 11, 2017

© Novi Elysa | Dreamstime

Come to find out our appendix serves a purpose after all! Researchers published a report this week giving credibility for the once obsolete appendix, stating it is part of your immune system and releases beneficial bacteria into your digestive system when it has been depleted. Think of it as an emergency supply depot.  Out intestines are filled with trillions of bacteria that helps break down food into nutrients your body can use.  But as you know, antibiotics kill bacteria and when you take them to rid yourself of bad bacteria infection, or evacuates quickly as in the case of food poisoning, all that god bacteria is lost.  In comes the appendix to replenish the supply. But not to worry is you’ve had your appendix removed.  As with wisdom teeth and body hair, you can live a very healthy life without an appendix.  However the mystery of what it does may have finally been solved.

SOURCE: Quartz

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