High School Student Suspended For Listing School For Sale On Craigslist

May 25, 2018


Most schools are into their final days of the year with some schools already out and for seniors it's the beginning of a new chapter.  As you say goodbye to high school the senior class prank has become a tradition and while some stunts go to the extreme, an Independence, Missouri high school senior stunt got him yanked from walking in graduation tomorrow.  18-year old Kylan Scheele, who was graduating with a 3.9 GPA, decided to take a laid-back approach to the senior prank and listed his high school for sale on Craigslist.  The ad posted last Friday listed Truman High School for sale with several amenities including the schools newly built athletic fields, plenty of parking and close to Walmart.  The price tag? A bargain at $12,725. Apparently the school board had issue with Kylan’s reason for the sale, which he wrote was “due to the loss of students coming up.” The ad was taken down this week and he was suspended for the remainder of the school and would not walk in Saturday’s graduation. While Kylan and his mom are hoping the district will reverse its decision, the district’s spokeswoman said it “won’t be reconsidered.” An online petition is hoping to convince school board members to let Kylan walk tomorrow.

SOURCE: Newser

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