Here Is Why You Should Buy A Clothes Washer And Dryer Now

February 6, 2018

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: Now is the best time to buy laundry machines.  It isn't just an advertisement of a sale it's the advice from many economists who say washing and drying machines will become more expensive in the United States.  As part of the recently passed tax reform, a new import tax was included for all foreign washing and drying machines that starts at 20% for the first 1.2 million imported washers this year and goes up to 50% after that.  Those extra costs most likely will be passed along to customers.  Perhaps the import tax will persuade you to buy an American-made laundry machines that will be cheaper. While it is good for American companies, historically they tend to hike prices on customers when they face fewer foreign competitors due to tariffs or quotas. So wither it's an import or domestic, look for prices on washers to go up as the current stockpile at stores becomes depleted.


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