Here Is How You Can Use Amazon's Alexa To Make Money

November 10, 2017

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More homes are welcoming Amazon's Alexa to the family and for the holidays, Alexa can actually make you some money.  The intelligent personal assistant can convert grams to ounces and even "tune in 98.5 KTK", but it can also order household items your family uses all the time.  That's where you can get $15 credited back to you by having Alexa do a couple of errands for you.  First, you can get a $10 Amazon credit by using Alexa to order an item of $10 or more from your Amazon Order History.  So if you are an Amazon Prime member who enjoys the free shipping and regularly orders items, just tell Alexa, "Alexa, order more (item).  Alexa will then respond, “I found (item) in your order history. It’s priced at $19.99. Would you like to buy it?” Tell Alexa, “Yes” to confirm your order and a $10 credit will appear in your Amazon account within three days!  And since you're already spending money with Amazon, you can get a $5 credit for ordering your first-ever Amazon gift card (or the first gift card in over three years) by purchasing one through Alexa.  Once again summon Alexa by saying, "Alexa, order a $25 Amazon gift card.” Alexa will then review your gift card order and say “Would you like to buy it?” Say “Yes” and your gift card will be sent to you via the mail and a $5 credit will appear in your Amazon account within three days.  Even still, there's another way to score $5.  If you reload a gift card with at least $100, you'll get a $5 added to your gift card.  Hey, if you're gonna spend money on Amazon anyway, why not get a little free cash, er, credit???

SOURCE: Rather Be Shopping

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