Here Is How You Can Make The Weekend Longer

June 2, 2017

© Triggerjoy | Dreamstime

There is little doubt that most people live for the weekend. Those two precious days where you can sleep in, relax and get caught up on things you couldn't do over the week!  Ever wish the weekends were longer?  Well you can make them seem longer, according to David Eagleman, a professor at Stanford University.  He says you can stretch weekend time by doing something new.  As we age, time seems to fly by because we generally do the same things time after time.  Our minds skip over some the details of your routine and therefore make us think time is moving faster.  Instead if you spend time doing something unfamiliar, your brain focuses more on collecting the data associated with the activity and thus creating a more thorough memory of the experience. So when you think back at the experience, your perception is that it feels like you had more time.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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