Here Is How To Get Siri To Pronounce Names Correctly

October 24, 2017

Although Siri can be helpful one of its flaws is mispronouncing names on your contact list, which can be irritating.  However Siri can overcome its shortcomings with a little help from you.  So the next time you Siri mispronounces a name, just respond “You pronounced it wrong.” The artificial intelligence software will ask you to pronounce the name, which will result in a list of options with a play button next to each one so you can listen to the audio. Pick the best pronunciation, or tap on “Tell Siri again” if none of them work. Once you find the right option you’ll do the same thing for their last name and then you’re done. If Siri keeps mispronouncing your name just say, “Hey Siri, who am I?” When the AI offers a garbled version of your name in response, respond “You pronounced it wrong” and the follow the same steps as before to set up the right pronunciation.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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