Helicopter Lands on Busy Highway To Ask For Directions

February 17, 2017

© Derek Gordon | Dreamstime

Sometimes you've got to swallow your pride and admit you're lost, especially when it's winter and you're in charge of a $14 million helicopter.  Truck drivers along a busy stretch of highway in the country of Kazakhstan were in utter disbelief when a huge Mi-8 gunship helicopter begins to land on the roadway.  Suddenly, a man jumps out of the helicopter and starts running towards the closest truck.  The man shakes the truck driver's hand and spectators look on wondering what was happening.  Soon the man returns to his helicopter and takes off.  The truck driver jumps on to his CB radio laughing as he explained the pilot had stopped to ask directions. The Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense said the pilot was a trainee and was sent out on a training mission as part of a visual orientation exercise, to return to base without the use to electronic aids.  It wasn't clear if the trainee passed the test or will need more training.

SOURCE: 9News (Australia)

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